10.1" High Battery Efficiency Tablet.

      With more effective power usage specification, ND55 can provide more economical, reliable and consistent power supply. This is valuable for workers in harsh, wide and remote locations where have limited power source.

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      10.1 Slim and Cost/Performance Value Tablet.

      Its slender profile and compact form make it simple to carry and hold, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience. Optional easel design even levels up its flexibility in reading angles, which benefits the workers spare their two hands to stay productive wherever the scenario is. With longevity support, ND91 with Elkhart Lake platform can offer sustainable supply.

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      10.1" Compact and Slim Rugged Tablet.

      Benefits from its slim and rugged design, ND62 brings high computing mobility with portability for retail markets or demanding protection under tough environment.

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      10.1" High-capacity Battery Tablet.

      ND53 rugged tablet is built-in Core m3/i5 CPU and 18650 polymer battery, it can be a better fit for critical environment and highly mobility workers to enhance work efficiency.

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      10.1” High Productivity Android Tablet.

      With GMS certified and top rated protection, ND52 brings high convenience and productivity by its secure and easy accessible Google apps in any tough situations.

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      10.1” High Efficiency Rugged Tablet.

      With top rated protection, ND51 is full of rugged mobility. Not only durable and tough, it's designed for service and maintenance.

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      8" Handy Rugged Android Tablet.

      Handy size and light weight for carry and use in the field, logistic, law enforcement, diagnostic and warehouse. NB32 is rated as IP65 and certified with GMS.

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      8" High Mobility Rugged Tablet.

      Compact display of NB31 can be perfectly suitable for transportation and fleet management application. NB31 is rated as IP65 and certified with multiple tests for harsh environment.

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      12.2" High Performance Rugged Tablet.

      With high performance system running for field and indoor job, NF21 is certified with MIL-STD-810G and IP65 dust and water resistant design.

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